What I Buy at Whole Foods

Jim and I live one mile from Whole Foods. We love Whole Foods. We love the store, the people, the food, but we also LOVE being frugal. I’ve heard so many people say that shopping at Whole Foods is using your whole paycheck and that they don’t shop there because it’s too expensive. I get that. We don’t only shop at Whole Foods.  But, there are some items that we have found are worth the price or aren’t anymore expensive than other grocery stores.

1. Deli meat

I’m very picky about deli meat. I don’t like any preservatives or nitrates in my deli meat. I only eat it fresh! So Whole Foods freshly cut deli meat is delicious and worth the price for us. At our store, it’s about $10/lb.

2. Almond Milk

The Whole Foods brand of almond milk is simple with not many extra ingredients and it’s not expensive either. I also usually find other almond milks on sale there as well.

3. Half n half

When I was drinking dairy (I’m on dairy-free right now), my favorite half n half is Organic Valley and it’s only about $2.50 at Whole Foods. Every other grocery store that sells this brand is more expensive!

4. Bread

I would much rather pay $4 for organic bread at Whole Foods than $2.50 for a preservative filled loaf other places. That’s my preference though :).

5. Organic canned beans

Cheap ?

6. Salmon

Because it is the most delicious we have found in a grocery store.

7. Hot bar

Every Saturday Jim goes to WF in the mornings and gets bacon, sausage, French toast, a biscuit, and maybe a few other breakfast items on the hot bar. While he is picking it up, I make some eggs at home because who wants to pay $8.99 a lb for cooked eggs! So the eggs are ready when he gets home with the other food and we have a delicious inexpensive brunch together at home :). It is totally worth $8!

I love the Whole Foods hot bar! It is on our go-to list for take-out!
So there are my top favorite items from Whole Foods that are worth your $!
Oh and those pastries and vegan cookies….. omg

Would you add anything else to this list????? 

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