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The Top Pressures You Face

I have written about this a couple years ago, but as I take my blog in a new direction, I want to share with you the pressures we are up against as as find our purpose and fulfill our passions!

As women, we are pulled in so many directions by so many pressures in what it means to be a successful woman. My culture, which includes the american culture, the southern culture, the mom culture, the Christian culture, and the millennial culture, all define a successful woman in their own way. And of course, I want to be a successful woman in every way possible! I am sure that you can relate to at least one of these pressures…

I feel pressure to be a productive woman, striving to be successful in whatever I do, and in the American culture, success means money. Women are making the climb to be as successful or more successful than men, proving they are just as smart, skilled, and talented. I am all for woman-power, and want this to be true in my life as well.

I also feel the pressure to be an elite homemaker inspired by southern hospitality. As a wife, I want to be take care of my husband because I love him and he works so hard for us. I want to always make our home clean and beautiful, make delicious meals every day, be a smart and frugal shopper, host often with grace, and make our home a safe haven where people love to come.

And with that comes the  have-it-all-together mom pressure. This pressure is new for me, and wow, is it STRONG. There’s a 1,000 pressures in every stage it seems… how you feed the baby, put the baby to sleep, play with the baby, schedule the baby, protect the baby, teach the baby… and that’s all in just the first year! I could write an entire series of just mom pressures!

Then I feel the pressure of the Christian culture. I don’t feel pressure to be a woman who loves God, but I feel pressure from the Christian culture that our churches have created.

There has been pressure for Christian women to stay quiet in the church and focus on their home and families solely. I 100% believe women need to prioritize their families first, but I also do NOT believe women need to stay quiet in the church or passive in their marriages/families for that matter. God has gifted women to be leaders in the church as well.

And finally, as a millennial, I have the pressure of seeking to be a popular, well-liked woman on social media. If you can write beautifully, work at a clean, white desk styled perfectly with fresh flowers, model a Pinterest-worthy outfit, own a business, and take professional pictures, you have made it in the social media world.

I struggle with this a lot, especially as a blogger. But I have the worst handwriting. I can barely style my hair one way that looks good. I don’t have the money to spend on the latest fashion trends. I don’t have a pretty work space. And the pressure to keep up is really hard and defeating because there is always someone that is better at it than you.

All these pressures are inevitable. No matter what culture you’re a part of, you will never get away from the pressures. You have to learn to look and move past the pressures.

The only way to look past the pressures is to learn and focus on who God created YOU to be as a woman. The pressures don’t determine or define us. Each of us are responsible for defining ourselves as a woman, and the best way to determine this is to learn who God created you to be, with your personality, your skills, your gifts, your desires, and your passions. He created you to be this woman for a reason,

and I promise you the world is a better place when you decide to be THAT woman, the original you, designed by God.

It’s a fight to keep my eyes focused on what is true and not to drift from distractions and pressure, but it is worth it. Because when I am living as the woman I know God created me to be, that’s when I am living FULLY.

This is my hope for us and my goal for writing for you. I am in this with you! So let’s take it on together <3.

What is the biggest pressure you are facing right now?

photos by Jake and Heather

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