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My Beauty Regimen

This title kind of makes me chuckle though I am sharing with you my “beauty regimen”, but it’s not much!

A few reasons for that:

I’m a minimalist, remember? 😉

I have a baby, so my time is scarce.

Beauty products cost a lot of $$$$.

I have written a few posts on different products I use, so I am going to link them all in one place to make it easier for you and so I don’t repeat myself.

Photo by Amber at Six Foot Photography

So here’s a day in the life of Allison trying to get beautified…

1. After I feed Lily in the mornings, I will set her up in a playpen with toys so I can do the basics- wash my face, brush teeth, contacts on, deodorant, and moisturize my face.

2. If Lily is still playing happily then I will move on to phase 2 which is makeup application. I shared a post on my easy every day makeup routine a year and a half ago(!!), and I still use basically the same routine but slightly different products. Here is a post I made earlier this year that highlights some of my favorite products.

If Lily is fussy and wants me to get her, then I will forgo the makeup application until she is ready to play by herself again or during a nap.

3. If Lily is still playing happily after my makeup is applied, then I will move on to phase 3, my hair. Either I will just brush it out and apply hair products or dry shampoo , and then I will curl the ends of my hair if Lily is having a good day.

I usually have to wear my hair up around Lily/the house because it’s her absolute favorite toy, so I will have chunks pulled out if it’s down. I only put time in doing my hair if I am going out or someone is coming over.

4. Showering usually happens in the evening after Lily goes to bed because showering and drying my hair is a LUXURY during the day. I can only shower during the day if Jimmy is around to help with Lily because of all my other Lily duties.

So it’s not glamorous, but I do the best as I can to beautify as a mom ;).

I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about my routine but also the post round-up as a resource for you!

What is your MUST HAVE beauty product?!


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