Lily’s 8 Month Update and Routine!

I have been receiving so many questions about Lily lately, which is funny because I have also been asking a lot of questions about Lily haha :). Questions like, how many naps, what time should she nap, when should she eat, how much should she eat, what does playtime look like, how do I help her develop, etc.

I research and read a lot which sometimes is helpful but also it can be dangerous because every baby is different and every family situation is different. What has helped me the most is hearing from mom friends in similar stages as me, so I thought it may be helpful to share what I have found works for Lily right now. And if you’re not a mom and wonder what we do all day, here ya go…

She turned 8 months yesterday!! She started crawling and saying “mama” and “dada” this past week. She waves to us. And her naps are becoming more solid and lengthy! YAY! We definitely went through a bad spell the past few weeks with her naps and temperament, but it looks like we are starting to get in the sunny days again. (We follow The Wonder Weeks app which helps me see why she may be more fussy than usual!)

Currently, here’s our routine (roughly):

7:15/7:30 am Wake up

7:30 am Feed/nurse her (This is the ONLY time Lily will breastfeed so I am holding on to it for dear life)

8:30 am Feed solids (usually a fruit/veggie pouch or a fruit/veggie homemade puree)

9:15/9:30 am Nap

10:45/11 am Wake up

10:45 am/11 am Pump for about 20-30 minutes

11:15 am Bottle (5 oz breastmilk)

12:30 am Feed solids if we are home, but a lot of times we are out with friends or running errands, so depends on our day when I feed solids around lunch time- I am trying to be more consistent but not there yet

2 pm Bottle (5 oz of breastmilk) and Nap

Pump again after I put her down for nap for 20 minutes

3/3:30 pm Wake up

4:30 pm Bottle (5 oz of breastmilk)

5:30 pm Feed solids (some kind of puree)

6 pm 3rd pump for 20 minutes

6:30 pm Bath or wrapping up play time

6:40 pm Bedtime routine starts and last bottle (6 oz of breastmilk)

7 pm Sleep/in crib for the night

9 pm My last pump 20-30 minutes

And thank the Lord she sleeps 12-12.5 hours!


So she gets breastmilk 5 times, try to feed her solids 2-3 times, naps twice a day, and I pump 4 times a day for 1.5-2 hours total.

We can’t go anywhere her first awake time because she gets fussy… she just likes to be cozy at home by herself :).

Her second awake time, we normally see friends for play dates or walks.

And her third awake time, I may take her on errands, or a walk or to the park.

So as you see, my day revolves around Lily. I honestly had no idea what my day would be like before Lily, but wow, it’s a lot of work lol. I am learning how to get her to play by herself so I can do things around the house and also what outings are fun to do together. It makes all the difference seeing friends and other babies, so we try to do that as much as possible!

I can’t wait for my time after she goes down for bed, but I also miss her while she is sleeping. Motherhood is so unimaginably hard and amazing. I am so thankful for my little squishy who has changed my life forever!

I love when you ask me questions because I DO NOT HAVE IT FIGURED OUT WHATSOEVER but I love sharing ideas with other moms because it helps me so much and I hope I can help others! <3



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