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How I Got Here

I recently shared a little about my background on my Instastory, but I also want to share here for those not on Instagram, and so it has a permanent place to live. 🙂

It’s important for you to know my experience to give you a better context of where I am coming from when I share about my passions and the importance of finding your purpose. I have/am struggling still with finding my purpose, but I know it’s good to struggle!

We have to struggle to grow.

I grew up in Raleigh, NC. I ended up at NCSU for college which wasn’t my plan, but it’s very clear that NCSU was the place for me.

I chose to major in Business Administration and concentrated in Human Resources because I really didn’t know what career path was right for me. But I knew that business could get me a job and that I liked working with people. I took the practical, sensible route.

During college, I was really involved with a campus ministry called Cru. My parents have also been on staff with Cru my entire life. While I was in college, they worked with the high school ministry. I love high school ministry because I remember very clearly how tough high school is and how desperate I was for someone to help me and show me how to love God in high school. So I was excited to work with Cru high school ministry towards the end of college.

As I was graduating with my B.S. in Business and working in Cru high school, I realized how little I knew how to counsel and help girls in really deep struggles like anxiety, eating disorders, depression, etc. I wanted to help them so badly, so I decided my next step would be grad school for a counseling degree.

A couple months after I graduated college, I started grad school at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary to work towards my M.A. in Biblical counseling. College was a BREEZE compared to seminary. I really enjoyed my classes and professors at seminary, but dang, the work was the hardest I had and maybe will ever have to do.

During my time at seminary, I left Cru after being on staff for 2 years to figure out a long-term job/career. I worked in a coffee shop for a few months thinking through this. Then I found a job at Gateway Pregnancy Crisis and Resource ministry working with the supporter/donor side of the organization, doing administration work, planning events, communications, etc. I worked there for about a year and enjoyed it so much, but again I learned this wasn’t the career direction for me. I was also interning in the counseling ministry at the Summit Church for almost two years to grow as a counseling as well.

When I graduated from seminary in December 2016, Jimmy let me take some time off from work since this was my first time NOT being a student to rest, think, and pray about my next move for work.

At this time, we also started trying to get pregnant. After about 7 months of not being pregnant and not working, but also still not sure what direction career-wise I wanted to go, I decided to start applying for any job I could find. A few days later, I was offered a job at Northwestern Mutual working with a financial advisor, so I took it because I thought it would be fun and challenging to learn a new industry.

It was challenging and fun for sure, and also unexpected as I got pregnant the week I started my new job haha! I found out 3 weeks into the job and then started feeling realllyyy sick. I had a commute and was learning a brand new industry, so feeling nauseous 24/7 put a huge damper on everything. I knew God wanted me to stick with my new job until the baby came, so that I did! I enjoyed my work experience, but I knew I needed to be home with Lily, so I left the job once Lily was born.

Learning to be a mom for the first 9 months was very… tiring and difficult. I also wouldn’t trade it for anything. I am so thankful that I get to stay at home with Lily because Jim and I know that is best for all of us.

But for the past few months, I have had an itch to pursue a career again. I know I don’t want to leave Lily full-time, and I know that my first priority is to be a mom. So I have been praying and thinking of ways I can use my passions and gifts for work that is outside of my family.

That leads me to the mission of this blog! I am excited to help women fulfill their passions and find their purpose just as I have been on that journey as well.

I know that when we discover our passions and purpose, we are discovering who God has created us to be, and that is where we will find fulfillment!

I hope my experience encourages you to not grow weary or give up, and that you can ask God to give you the desires of you heart! I am excited to share tools and resources with you along the way.


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