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Goodbye, Clear Brook!

Jimmy and I just said bye to our first home. I am not sure how normal this is, but I was incredibly attached to that home. Jimmy even bought the house before I came around, so he started off the journey in Clear Brook without a girl and did a fabulous job choosing it!

This home was small, modest, and cute. It is around 1,600 sq. ft. and as simple as they come. But this house was our FIRST home. It’s where I started dating Jimmy. It’s where we set up our home together as newly weds. It’s where we had countless parties, showers, and impromptu dinner parties with others. It’s where we found out we were pregnant with Lily and brought her home from the hospital. Our friends knew they were always welcome there, and I made sure it was always “guest ready” because it wasn’t out of the ordinary for several different people to visit in a day.

I felt like this home was a part of me. So saying goodbye for even our dream home was really tough! And I definitely wasn’t prepared for the emotions that hit me.

Jimmy and I weren’t trying to move out of it, but our dream home came along, and God made it abundantly clear to us that now was our time to say bye to Clear Brook.

It is so amazing to look back at all the details of how God used Clear Brook in our lives. Thank you to Amber at Six Foot Photography for capturing these photos of us in our final days there! This was a brilliant idea by Amber for a moving lifestyle photo shoot!

We will always cherish our memories there, and we are SO EXCITED about all the memories to come in our new home!

It’s not about the house, it’s about the memories you make there.

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