A Money Pep Talk

Jim and I say this over and over again…

“every dollar counts” because we really believe this! It’s our money motto.

For those of you who are struggling financially with saving or your budget, let me challenge you to keep this motto on your mind, “every dollar counts.”

“But it’s only $7”, said myself to Jim when I wanted to eat out at Chipotle rather than cook dinner. Yes, but if we eat Chipotle once a week, that’s at least ($15×4) $60 a month. So by saying “no” to a craving for Chipotle and eating at home (just cook rice, beans, chicken which you probably already have!), you’re saving $60 a month for the two of you!

Okay, so I am not saying never eat at Chipotle or eat out at all, but I am trying to put it in perspective for you that “only $7.50 a meal” can go a long ways if you choose to deny the craving and eat at home.

This mindset goes for anything- saying no to Starbucks you don’t need, a manicure when you can paint your own nails, a new top that you certainly don’t need. And you don’t need to spend money on a new dress to a wedding when you have one from a couple years ago that you can wear!!

I am saying these things because 1. I have been there before and 2. Someone has to tell you, and I want to help you save the $$!

I used to get manicures about once a month. But when Jim and I decided to buy our house a few months ago, it meant cutting back on unnecessary spending. And I can honestly say that I am just as happy getting manicures every few months instead ;).

These things are temporal.

The unnecessary spending that is hard for us to cut back on is on things that won’t last. It won’t satisfy you. It may make you happy in the moment, but that moment is quickly fleeting.

I have had to really tame myself on home decor items since we moved recently. The house has everything we need and it’s comfortable and inviting, so why do I continually feel the urge to go out and get more stuff?! I tell myself when I get this urge that,

“This will not satisfy me nor will it end my desire for more.”

And then the urge goes away and I am content again.

An the absolute WORST thing that can happen is when you impulse buy something, take it out of packaging/use it and then REGRET the purchase! Agh!!!! And even if you can return it, it’s still as hassle.

So, for those of you in a financial rut, give yourself lots of pep talks or come talk to me and I will give you one…

Remember that things don’t satisfy you and your desire for more will never end no matter how many things you buy!

Your happiness is not conditional on how much money you have!

You can live a FULL and HAPPY life no matter how much money you have as long as you don’t let money control your feelings!

So, I hope you enjoyed this pep talk from your unofficial financial coach ;).


  1. Every dollar counts when it comes to savings, so be encouraged that saying no to even a $5 purchase make a difference!
  2. Your happiness is not dependent on how much money you have, so don’t be dismayed if you need to go through a time of strict frugality. There’s freedom in that because you don’t have to let money control you!

What’s your biggest struggle when it comes to finances and budgeting?



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