The BEST Way to Ring in the New Year

Every new year some of us make resolutions to break a habit finally or start a new hobby. You know how that usually turns out…

Most of us want the new year to be like pressing a restart button for a chance of new beginnings.

And all of us want to start the new year refreshed or renewed. Who wouldn’t want to feel refreshed?!

Jimmy and I occasionally like to do smoothie cleanses or detoxes to refresh our systems. I like facials that refresh my skin. And if I had all the money in the world, I would love to refresh my wardrobe ;).

These are all fine things, but most of the refresh we do is for temporal bodies. No matter how many times we refresh, it won’t last. And eventually, it will all come to an end.

The only thing that is eternal is our souls. So shouldn’t that be THE most important part of our lives that we refresh, renew, restart, and simply work on and maintain?

I have written and put together a SPIRITUAL DETOX.

It’s a purge for your heart, mind and soul. It’s a chance to get right with God. It’s an opportunity to start over in 2018.

There are seven parts to it. It’s best if you do it all at once, but don’t push yourself if you aren’t able to absorb and be still before God. You can do one part a day if that’s best for you or several parts in a day. Go at your own pace, but do it in such a way that you won’t forget what God showed you the in previous part.

And it’s free for you! All you have to do is subscribe to the blog.  If you’ve received blog emails before, you’re probably good to go and will receive an email tonight.

Here’s how you subscribe if you haven’t:

  • enter your email in the pop up box at the top you may have seen
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So I encourage you to complete it in the next couple days to start your new year off the BEST way!

Let me know what you learned/how you liked it or even better, post about something you learned from the detox so others can get on it too! I will be doing it with you :).


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